Newhaven Cliffs

England, UK

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Pierre V1 en parapente

Aaron Hughes 추가되었습니다

Busy paragliding day at Newhaven - UK - 4th Aug 2013
Newhaven Cliffs glide. Many pilots enjoying a great day for flying.
Aaron Hughes 추가되었습니다


50.782, 0.0478 : 55.0 m

착륙 정보

50.7805, 0.051 : 7.0 m


7:38 오전


3:58 오후


그리니치 표준시 (+0000)

Newhaven is a cliff site which provides some excellent coastal soaring. Because it is relatively low, it can be flyable when Beachy Head is not working, or when Caburn is blown-out. When conditions permit, a cliff run of 6.5 miles to Brighton Marina is possible, supporting use of the site by numerous gliders. There is a short south-easterly section to the East of the coast guard tower (i.e. to the fort and back). To the west of the coast guard tower, there is 0.5 mile of south facing cliff, which leads on to the mainly SSW run to Brighton. HG: Pilot PG: Pilot. (Club Pilots may fly as far as the end of the southerly face following a briefing from a suitably experienced pilot.)

na. na. na. FL 55 FL 55

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