Quinns Rocks

Western Australia, Australia

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Toine Broekmeulen 8 km 비행을 했습니다
Toine Broekmeulen 2 km 비행을 했습니다
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Quinns beach paragliding
Music by Angus & Julia Stone - Paper Aeroplane.
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Paraglide Quinns Beach to Jindalee January 2016
Paragliding From Quinns Beach to Jindalee January 2016.
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Paragliding Quinns Beach, Perth, Western Australia
Paragliding Quinns Beach, Perth, Western Australia - 7 kts , 8 m dunes 6/6/15.
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Paragliding Quinn's rocks WA
Paragliding Quinn's rocks WA.
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-31.6544576, 115.6871046 : 5.0 m


5:05 오전


7:13 오후


오스트레일리아 서부 표준시 (+0800)

Best costal site in Perth area. Quinns is at the northern end of Marmion Avenue. Takeoffs can be found along Ocean Drive before Waymouth Boulevard.

Take off from beach. Take care not to damage dune vegetation. This is a public beach so watch out for spectators. There is potential for long flights to the north, possibly linking sites at Pippidinny road and Yanchep/Two Rocks in the right conditions. The council received several complains from dog owners about the behavior of some pilots (takeoff/landing near people, dogs chasing paragliders, wingovers at low altitude, pilots crashing into people). This site can be easily lost if we don’t make ourselves welcome by other users, this is a flight site for us but a “dog beach” for others. Make sure to keep the minimum horizontal (25m) and vertical (100ft/30.5m) separation from the public (including dogs).

Although only low dunes there can be rotor behind, and the strong winds required to fly can lead to injuries if dragged. Any part of your glider landing in the ocean can be fatal - don’t become complacent with regards to these sites. The northern part has many rocky outcrops and beach landing areas may be limited. Do not risk landing on rocks or water. If in any doubt stick to the southern parts of the face where there is a nice wide sandy beach. Some parts of the ridge have roads, houses and powerlines behind. Be very careful flying these parts and consider avoiding these areas altogether in stronger winds.

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