Its On! Get down here! Craig Sargeant 체크인했습니다 @ Serpentine
Aaron Hughes 비디오를 올렸습니다 @ Serpentine
Eagle Attacks Paraglider

The small Serpentine site in Western Australia is notorious for aggressive wedge-tailed eagles. Glider: Gradient Avax XC2.
Aaron Hughes 비디오를 올렸습니다 @ Serpentine
Paragliding Serpentine 2015

First flight at Serpentine with an interested eagle flying close by and testing out an airhorn. Its hard to tell if the airhorn actually makes a difference since I only ...
Aaron Hughes 비디오를 올렸습니다 @ Quinns Rocks
Quinns beach paragliding

Music by Angus & Julia Stone - Paper Aeroplane.