Mount Terrible

South Australia, Australia

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이륙장소의 풍향이 필요


-35.3111, 138.523 : 343.0 m

착륙 정보

-35.3025, 138.517 : 162.0 m


6:35 오전


8:24 오후


중부 표준시(남부 오스트레일리아) (+1030)

Inland thermic site - flyable in a light northerly breeze if the sun is a shinin'. Large metal structure on top of hill is a UNI project, sometimes charged up with more voltage than you want to be near. Fence would easily snag wing, so bear in mind when launching and landing. DURING MIDWEEK NO FLYING OVER THE MYPONGA QUARRY IE THE MYPONGA MOUNT TERRIBLE RUN AS THERE IS BLASTING AND YOUR PRESENCE WOULD ENDANGER YOU AND RESTRICT THE QUARRY'S OPERATION, THIS IS A LONG STANDING AGREEMENT

Rounded grassy takeoff. Bottom landing on steep slopes - top landing preferred, with large top grassy hill to land on. 2km along Louds Hill road - take turnoff from Range Road West, that runs along the top of the Willunga Hills range.

Rounded inland ridge with series of spurs and gullies. Deep valley behind take off; often rough air with punchy thermals.

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