La Muela

Castile-La Mancha, Spain

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Ricardo Rey 2 km 비행을 했습니다
Ricardo Rey 2 km 비행을 했습니다
Guillermo Niño 38 km 비행을 했습니다
¡Esta encendido! ¡Bajar aquí! Jose Antonio Fernandez Gutierrez 체크인했습니다

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Acidente de Parapente en La Muela 8.4.2014 / Forced paragliding landing in Spain - ParaglidingZone un vuelo corto en parapente en un día soleado y un aterrizaje de emergencia. ENG: a short flight with my paraglider ...
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Parapente en La Muela 12.2013 / Paragliding in Spain - ParaglidingZone Un día muy bonito para volar en parapente en La Muela.
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Volando el mirador - Una tarde de parapente en La Muela
Jugando con el relieve con el parapente en La Muela, Guadalajara, España Paragliding in La Muela, Spain Parapente à La Muela, Espagne.
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40.845, -3.1101 : 950.0 m


8:19 오전


6:34 오후


중앙 유럽 시간 (+0100)

Flyable all day long and with all wind direction. Very popular site for ridge soaring , could be crowded at week-ends.

na. na. A2 or R2 from Madrid to Guadalajara, exit towards Humanes, pass Humanes you will see a lone little mountain. Drive to the village of Alarilla and then up the road to the take off. na. na.

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N 0 5
NNE 0 5
NE 0 5
ENE 0 5
E 0 5
ESE 0 5
SE 0 5
SSE 0 5
S 0 5
SSW 0 5
SW 10 0
WSW 10 0
W 10 0
WNW 0 5
NW 0 5
NNW 0 5