Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, France

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C'est en marche! Descendez ici! Sébastien Chanoux 체크인했습니다
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Lorenzo Dospuertas 69 km 비행을 했습니다 에 Colorado Pilots

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Paragliding at Montlambert
Brief moments of a quiet flight at Montlambert, France.
Aaron Hughes 추가되었습니다

simmie paragliding 1

Aaron Hughes 추가되었습니다


45.5528, 6.1051 : 869.0 m

착륙 정보

45.5417, 6.1185 : 272.0 m


7:56 오전


5:43 오후


중앙 유럽 시간 (+0100)

This site is closed between mid September to beginning of November, because of an agreement with the local hunters. It is their best moment of joy, so again respect their fun as they do ours! Please inform yourselves about exact days of no-flying. On some days flying is still allowed.

alti: 890m after 12h thermals and breeze can be strong. Lot's of pilots come here, we thank you to drive slowly and respect the people living on the road to the launch area. This site is fragile! If people complain too much we might lose the right to fly here. So don't unload your car at the turning point on top. Do it when parked further down the road. Respect nature, the people and regulations! Alti:270m Be careful about the power line, the trees and the train way. Landing zone is South/South-West of the windsocks! Please look at the information posted at the carpark. CURRENTLY THE LANDING SITE IS IN DANGER! PLEASE CAREFULLY FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AND NEVER LAND OUTSIDE THE LANDING FIELD IN THE CROPS OF FARMERS! Landing area: from Montmelian, take the N6 road. Turn to the left to 'Saint Jean de la Porte'. Before 'St Jean' turn to the left just after passing a bridge and go along a canal during 1 km. You have to cross a small bridge again. Take off from landing area: at the end of the dirt road turn left. In 'Saint Jean de la Porte' turn left. After 1 or 2 km turn to the right, to Montlambert. In Montlambert turn back and and park your car, but not in the village! Walk 10 mn to the Southwest. na. na.

The only site (with Courtet) where you can fly around Grenoble with North wind. But be careful, it's just a little protection and the wind can come quite suddenly. Meet pilots on the site. And don't go out the local site (don't fly up the crest...) With south or SW wind you are under the wind. With west wind you can fly, but it's not really confortable. Turbulences far above the valley.

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N 0 5
NNE 0 5
NE 0 5
ENE 0 5
E 0 5
ESE 0 5
SE 10 0
SSE 0 0
S 0 0
SSW 0 0
SW 0 0
WSW 0 0
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