Governador Valadares-MG - Pico do Ibituruna

State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Its On! Get down here! Rafael Waka 체크인했습니다
Fatal na área


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Aline Voando Parapente Pico do Ibituruna
Governador Valadares 02/2009.
Aaron Hughes 추가되었습니다

Voo Duplo Paraglider Governador Valadares
Voo duplo de Parapente em Governador valadares, Pico do Ibituruna, com Ana de BH. Notem que durante o voo nos assustamos com um urubu desatento que ...
Aaron Hughes 추가되었습니다

Pico da Ibituruna Paraglider - Governador Valadares 07/07/2013
Vôo Livre de Paraglider.
Aaron Hughes 추가되었습니다


-18.8866, -41.915 : 1070.0 m

착륙 정보

-18.8583, -41.9414 : 165.0 m


6:19 오전


5:19 오후


브라질리아 표준시 (-0300)

Excellent starting point for XC

Nice ample grassy slopes facing both north and south. Offical LZ: Large clear field on the other side of the river, but many LZ's available for XC along BR116 (main XC direction). BUT: watch out for (hardly visible) power lines along road/across (possible landing) fields! 7 miles from downtown Governador Valadares, from BR-116 highway. Dirt and cobblestone road in good conditions available for any vehicle, sometimes a little steep...


N 10 0
NNE 0 5
NE 0 5
ENE 0 0
E 0 0
ESE 0 0
SE 0 5
SSE 0 5
S 10 0
SSW 0 5
SW 0 5
WSW 0 0
W 0 0
WNW 0 0
NW 0 5
NNW 0 5