Shelley Beach

Western Australia, Australia

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Fritz Neumann 44 km 비행을 했습니다 에 Paragliding Western Australia
Fritz Neumann 11 km 비행을 했습니다 에 Paragliding Western Australia
Fritz Neumann 13 km 비행을 했습니다 에 Paragliding Western Australia
Fritz Neumann 24 km 비행을 했습니다 에 Paragliding Western Australia


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Shelley Beach Paragliding HD
Shelley Beach Paragliding.
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Tandem paragliding at Shelley beach
Helena's tandem paraglide.
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Shelly Beach & Wee Beastie, Danny Nolan paraglide Oct 2013
Oct 2013, Danny Nolan Shelly Beach, Albany (Western Australia)
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Paragliding shelly beach albany wa.
Flying shelly beach Boxing Day 2014.
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-35.1056, 117.6305 : 85.0 m


5:52 오전


6:53 오후


오스트레일리아 서부 표준시 (+0800)

One of the best known coastal sites in WA, a large coastal site suitable for beginners with fantastic scenery, good access and a developed take off area with wooden hang glider ramps. Turn Left off Lower Denmark Road at the signposted turn off to Cosy Corner. Turn Right up hill after the Torbay Hotel, then left onto a good gravel road at the top of the hill. Follow this to the end where it splits right to the lookout/takeoff and left down to the bottom landing, beach and camping ground.

Be aware of other pilots attempting to top land when setting up. Rotor behind take off and at often at SW end of main ridge. There is a steep valley between the take-off hill and the main ridge. In more Southerly winds the main ridge may be unflyable due to Rotor, but the take-off hill OK. In a more Easterly wind the take-off hill will generate very little lift and it may be necessary to glide straight across to the main ridge. This can make top landing impossible if the wind is light as the valley cannot be crossed back with sufficient height. There is a substantial wind gradient at take-off so the wind may be stronger than it feels on the ramp. No commercial activities including teaching and tandems are permitted in the National Park without the relevant Dept of CALM permit. Flying from Shelley is an approved activity in the National Park Management Plan.

9 km
16 km


N 0 0
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SSE 10 0
S 10 0
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