Barrington Paddocks

Western Australia, Australia

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-32.01, 117.04705 : 0.0 m


5:37 오전


7:13 오후


서부 표준시(오스트레일리아) (+0800)

Currently our best and only towing paddock. Contact Cloudbase Paragliding Club for information on towing days and conditions. Follow the York-Quairading road for about 30 km from York, after Kauring turn south (right) at Ricky’s Siding Road. Drive on Ricky’s Siding Road for another 10 km to reach the Barrington paddocks.

Towing can be hazardous if not done properly, only tow if you have the appropriate rating, follow procedures in the HGFA towing manual ( In summer dust devils will occur in the paddock, and can be dangerous to anyone hooked to a glider whether in the air, on the tow or on the ground. Keep eyes open and warn others if they are seen.

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